Bio-availability of Marine Minerals in ORMUS

Posted by Alina Valiant on

ORMUS that is created from the ocean using the 'wet method' contains both the monatomic elements from the noble metals as well as dozens of other trace minerals. ORMUS minerals, such as noble metals like gold, silver and platinum are considered to be bio-available as they have transitioned to an M-state form. The good news, though, is that the other minerals present are also in a state of high availability.

Highly abundant in ORMUS Liquid Super Sea Minerals are positively charged minerals from the first columns of periodic table of elements. These include magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium. Unlike tablet or powder supplements, these are free elements, not bonded to any other atoms, meaning they are ready to find a partner when they enter the body. In most supplements for sale, the body needs to break down an existing molecular relationship to use the minerals. The reason for this is because it is suspended in a solution where the available oxygen atoms to which these minerals would naturally bond are already paired with hydrogen.

For this reason, ORMUS Liquid Super Sea Minerals makes for an excellent electrolyte, having abundant and readily usable forms of the main electrolyte salts. It also means that this can have a beneficial effect on free radicals in the body, which are free, negatively charged oxygen atoms as these positively charged minerals can bond to them and make them inert.

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