By law in Australia I am unable to make therapeutic claims about my products. These testimonials are the individual view of the different writers. No claims have been substantiated. I always encourage Cosmetic use only.


"I reckon your ORMUS Alkaline Liquid Minerals (also used in bath water - one teaspoon) are almost good enough to drink !!!"

Colin - Galston NSW 



"I wanted to pass on some feedback re the Sea-Aid (aka SeaAid soothing balm) product. It is fantastic! I gave some to a friend who had a bad reaction to the sun resulting in severe blistering all over her nose and it helped her almost instantly relieving the sting. I’ve also had great success with treating Mozzie bites which I am allergic to."

Penny - Newcastle. NSW.   


                     "Over Christmas I was given some skincare gifts, so I have been using them up instead of reordering from you. My skin is shocking at the moment and I cannot believe how your products had worked miracles on my skin so quickly. It just reaffirms how much store bought products are such a waste of money and more so probably do more harm than good. Can I please order some more Skin-Feast (aka a.m. face cream) and Face Polish (aka mineral face scrub)?"

Merissa Upton. Bellingen, NSW.





"Thanks so much for posting the lovely skincare products. My daughter says that the Skin-Feast cream (aka a.m. face cream) has eased the rash she has had for ages and no other cream has helped it. I have been putting the Sea-Cellfix paste (aka Cellfix topical paste) on my two skin problems and they are healing aswell. Your products are really terrific and they work! I wish you the very best for all your future success and you have 2 dedicated customers here. Keep up the good work."
Trudy Johnson. Vim & Zest. Byron Bay, NSW




"I have been using your Mineral Face Polish (aka mineral face scrub) and find it to be a superior product. It is definately the best I’ve ever used. The Polish is finer than other scrubs and beautiful to use, leaving my skin stimulated and my pores refined. I love it and won’t be looking anywhere else for my skincare from now on. Thanks for creating the products I’ve been looking for."
Solveig, Mullumbimby NSW




"I like to use your Sea-Cellfix cream (aka Cellfix topical paste) on little skin problems I get on that soft skin on my face under my eyes. I reapply a few times a day. It usually only takes 2 weeks and they’re gone. The doctor wants to burn them off but I like to try this first. I’m glad I did!" Marie, Moorooka QLD




"Just a quick note to let you know the 2x bottles of the Alkaline Liquid Minerals arrived safely and to thank you for the great product. I was diagnosed with a bunch of really annoying food intolerances after years of chronic fatigue and other conditions. This product has changed my day to day life and I love it!"
Simone, QLD


"I don't think there is anything else out there quite like your products."

Lorraine, NSW


 "I want to congratulate you on your superior products. I have been using your Skin Feast cream (aka a.m. face cream) now for about 6 months. As soon as I started using it I knew that this was the skin care maintenance I had been looking for. It’s beautiful and nourishing and performs brilliantly. Thank you. I am also impressed with your Sea-Aid cream (aka SeaAid soothing balm). I put that on all bites, itches, rashes and sunspots. Immediate relief. Very impressive. Keep up the good work and don’t go out of business – I want these products available to me from now on. All the best."

Solveig McDonald, Mullumbimby




"My doctor suggested I have a skin tag/growth removed from around my eyelid and I was actually booked in to have the operation. I wanted to avoid this if I could. I started to put a blob of your Sea-Cellfix cream (aka CellFix topical paste) onto this problem area every night before I slept. It took probably 4 weeks of applications but one day I looked in the mirror and it had just disappeared. It’s amazing. Thank you. That operation was worrying me."
Dianne, Cromer NSW




"I love your products, your vision, your vibe. You have helped me so much, right from the first time I chatted with you on the phone and you gave me your list of Rainbow Smoothie ideas. In my heart I know what I am choosing is best for our health, our happiness and the planet."

Lisa - Wollongong.




"I usually visit the hairdresser every 5 weeks to have my grey hair regrowth coloured. However since I have been using the Alkaline Liquid Minerals every morning, I am finding that I only need to re-colour every 10 weeks. It’s strange, I seem not to be going as grey so quickly and there are more brown hairs replacing the grey. Is this possible!"

Carol, Neutral Bay, NSW


"I love your products and have really benefited from using them. My daughter and I have tried every one of them. Keep up the good work." Jen - South Australia




"I started using the minerals about 3 years ago. Almost immediately I began having very vivid, in-colour dreams. These dreams I remembered when I woke in the mornings. Also it took a few weeks, but I found that I didn’t need as much sleep as I used to need and I wasn’t as fatigued – (I would need a sleep in the afternoons if I could get it.) I also found that I was waking in the mornings with the sun, very early. This was great because it allowed me some quiet time for meditation or a walk with the dog. I find now, years later, that I am less hungry, my weight is ideal for me and I crave sugar much much less. There is also a sense of wellbeing, a sort of calmness within." Nerida - Ewingsdale NSW



The first thing that happened after using the Ormus Alkaline Liquid Minerals:

  • I remembered my dreams – haven’t done that in 10 years. I have been using the minerals for four months and remember every dream.
  • Then I noticed I was sleeping less and waking up feeling better. Previously my shoulder was keeping me awake, I had fibromyalga. Not anymore.
  • I had some sinus all my life, the cold air would make it worse. It just suddenly went. I felt all the fluid go to the back of my throat and all the sinus canals went clear. It happened very quickly.
  • Next thing – I struggled downstairs in the mornings with stiffness and soreness in my hip and knee. I am in my 60’s and I thought old age had hit me. All of a sudden I could walk, yes run down the stairs and the soreness had left. My energy levels had come back to how I used to be in my prime!
  • I feel centred, very much in control and am not worrying as much. I just want to keep using these minerals for the rest of my life!

Lloyd, Gold Coast


"Your skin products are the only items I need to use for my face. The scents are a delight, and they come 'simple' and 'clean', that is, their energy signature is clear and vibrant without the boggy weight of corporate systems attached."

Sherri-Lee QLD




"I had a skin problem on the outside of my hand near my little finger that the doctor wanted to cut out. Sea-Cellfix (aka CellFix topical paste) is excellent, it really worked!"

Pam - Hobart




"I am a very compulsive, impatient sort of person. I used one drop of the Ormus Alkaline Liquid Minerals the first day, then two drops the second day until I got to 5mls a day. My energy levels are more stable and my mood has markedly improved."
Jodi, Gold Coast




"I had really bad acne and pimple scaring on my face from my teenager years. I tried everything and ended up using Pro-Active from the TV. I think it had heaps of peroxide in it ’cause I started really aging, my skin looked real old. A friend told me about Super Sea Minerals and I tried it. I used the Acne-Rehab cream (aka for acne and dry skin) in the mornings like a day cream and at night I put a dab of Sea-Aid (aka SeaAid soothing balm) on each of the real bad pimples. I looked all white and spotty as the minerals dried on my face but it was worth it. By about 4 days my skin really started improving. Now I can only see my scaring slightly and my skin is free of acne. I am so relieved."
Sarah, Lennox Head




"My auto immune skin condition that I had for 10 years, which has cost me thousands trying to fix…appears to be going … I am using the minerals twice a day (with no loose bowels)…may need to pick up some more. Still find it hard to believe."
Harriette, Bangalow




"I am so impressed with the Ormus Alkaline Liquid Minerals. I have only been using them for a month and from my first use my energy levels have greatly improved, and no more aches and pains! It feels like a wonderful cellular tune-up for me. My body feels less tired and burdened and I have a greater sense of wellbeing and motivation. I am enjoying the benefits I am experiencing presently and am excited about what may come."

Jaya, Byron Bay


 "What more can I say but - I love your products." Denise - QLD 

All of the above testimonials are the personal experiences of the individual writers. I am unable, by Australian law, to make any therapeutic claims and therefore I do not add my point of view to these letters.