Our Vision

SUPER SEA MINERALS originates from a small and growing innovative Australian Company which has based its skin care and wellness products on natural Monoatomic Marine Minerals (ORMUS). We are based in the beautiful mid-north NSW region of Byron Bay-Tweed Valley in Australia. This region is a peaceful place to work with clean air, sunshine and the balance between the rural and the coastal.

The Monoatomic Marine Minerals are sourced from pristine, clean, sea water, on the in-coming tide, off the north coast of New South Wales, Australia. Also known as ORMEs or ORMUS, these minerals are at the cutting edge of mineral health-science today. Their unique properties make them ideal for use in skincare. They are completely natural and essential for vital health, being highly alkaline.

All of SUPER SEA MINERALS hand-crafted products are enhanced by these amazing minerals and lovingly made in the region of Byron Bay-Tweed Valley, NSW Australia. Unlike other skincare mineral products, these Monoatomic Marine Minerals have been described as having trapped cosmic energy similar to chi or prana. They appear to attract photons (light energy).

“One thing is agreed amongst nutritional researchers: mineral deficiency is the most fundamental cause of all chronic disease, including the degeneration that occurs with ageing.” Dr Linus Pauling (twice Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.)

At all stages of the production process, great care is taken to ensure that each bottle/jar is handled and created with deep care and intent. With each newly created batch of liquid minerals or creams, we become more aware of the trust that I have in the Divine Architect (from where these minerals originate.) These minerals are truly unique. 

This is a small business and by Australian law, I am unfortunately unable to make 'therapeutic claims' about these Minerals. But, luckily they speak for themselves!

Know that each product is unique and hand-crafted.

Yours in health,

Alina Valiant.