What are ORMUS Minerals?

A group of essential minerals that have been previously unknown to modern science. They are the transition elements on the periodic table in micro-cluster or monoatomic size. Most prominent of these are gold, silver, copper and the platinum group, found in a non-metallic form / a high-spin state. They are non-reactive and non-toxic to humans/animals/plants.

Where do ORMUS Minerals come from?

ORMUS monoatomic minerals are a naturally found substance found on the earth: air, plants, rocks, soil, animals and water. It is particularly abundant in seawater! ORMUS is in organic material and therefore it is in everything that is alive or ever has been alive.

Why do we need to ‘harvest’ ORMUS?

It is the goal of ORMUS researchers and collectors to use an extraction process to concentrate and collect ORMUS from its hiding places. It is thought that ORMUS elements like to ‘hide out’ inside molecules of other elements which might provide some shielding from EM fields. The ORMUS material becomes ‘camouflaged’, and so not assayable by common spectrographic techniques.

What can I expect from taking ORMUS Minerals?

Because I am not a huge company and am therefore not TGA registered. I am unable by law to make any therapeutic claims. See our Testimonials page to see what it has done for other people. 

Are there any side-efffects experienced from using ORMUS Minerals?

When using ORMUS Alkaline Liquid Minerals for the first time some people experience sleepiness. (This has happened to me). Naturopaths call this a ‘health-crisis/detox’. It doesn’t usually last long as the body adjusts to the new level of minerals it is receiving. Some people experience a light, painless bowel-cleanse if they ingest too much. BY law I must recommend Cosmetic use only. Also used in bath water: 1 teaspoon.

How much should I take?

1 teaspoon in bath water for Cosmetic use. By law, Australia, I am unable to make therapeutic claims.

In America and other countries people have been known to take 2ml -5ml daily, but too much, results in excess magnesium and you may experience a painless loose bowel. This however is still not dangerous. Naturopaths, in America, call it a 'health crisis/detox.

Are ORMUS Minerals natural or organic?

Yes, it is a natural material found in nature from organic materials. Seawater is collected from a pristine area on the North Coast of NSW, Australia. The ORMUS is washed & settled for up to 4 months – ensuring a quality product. Water molecules are ‘re-organised’ using a magnetic filtering system, then reduced & concentrated into a white paste using a natural air drying technique (no machinery). Water tests show NO traces of heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic.) Certified Organic 100% pure essential oils & Australian micronized zeolite are used in the creams.

How do ORMUS Minerals and nature inter-relate?

The mysterious history of ORMUS tells of ancient alchemists calling it: Elixir of Life, Chi, Manna, Prana, Philosopher’s Stone, White Powder of Gold. Collection methods were lost for thousands of years. It is thought that ORMUS is responsible for all animal and plant growth. Some scientists believe that the ‘secret’ ingredient in chlorophyll is the ORMUS form of copper. Cellular communication is thought to be enhanced through superconductivity.

How do I store my ORMUS Minerals/products?

DO NOT store in Refrigerator. Store in a dark place away from direct sunlight. SHAKE the bottle (ORMUS Alkaline Liquid Minerals) each time you use it. Minerals have varying molecular weights and may settle. Keep away from Electro-Magnetic Fields. Eg. TV, Radio, Microwave, Mobile-Phone, Computer. Too close may effect the super-conductivity of the minerals. HDPE white containers are a safe, neutral plastic to drink from and do not leech materials.