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About Us

Hello, welcome to the Super Sea Minerals website.
Natalie Cowling, proprietress of Super Sea MineralMy name is Natalie Cowling, I am the proprietress and this is the Super Sea Mineral story…

It’s interesting how all the apparently unrelated chapters of one’s life seem to come together eventually. I have always been interested in health and wellbeing way back to when I used to set up a childhood vet clinic under the steps in the garage. There I would gather various pets and care for them, their wounds, their stitches, their wellbeing, making my own crude ‘lotions & potions’. I grew up and progressed to working with humans, in a gym, personal training, teaching aerobics classes and writing fitness programmes for some wonderful people, all wanting to improve their health. I continued then to The University of Technology Sydney to complete a Bachelor of Teaching degree, taught in NSW primary schools, completed a Diploma of Beauty Therapy/Cosmetic Science (The Strand, Sydney) and a Cert IV in Remedial Massage/Spa Therapies with nutrition/naturopathy and herbal medicine majors.(Naturecare). I then lectured at colleges in Sydney (Naturecare & Australasian College of Natural Therapies) and opened my own clinic where I worked as a therapist. I also studied the fascinating science of Ayurveda in Mumbai, India for a year.

All these various vocations have one thing in common – a desire toward optimal health and radiant vitality! I am keen to help share these findings with others on the same path.

So here we are today. My father, who is an applied biologist/agronomist (soil expert) and his partner, a student of Nutrition and Natural Therapies stumbled one day upon a magazine article in a science journal. This started me on the amazing Monoatomic Marine Mineral path. A whole host of interesting people have been met and ideas shared. Lots of discussions on Dad’s verandah at Byron Bay with physicists, naturopaths, magnetic water vortex inventors, alchemists and scientists. I always took notes! As the years have progressed the products have been developed and redeveloped in the Production Shed at the farm at Byron Bay, where Super Sea Minerals was born. What I have now is a range of wellness/skin products just brimming with the best natural ingredients, in the best possible combinations BUT with the ORMUS Minerals as the main amazing synergistic base. The minerals are harvested from the pristine sea waters off the north coast of NSW, Australia. All products are hand-crafted and are made with careful intention.

The people who use my products keep coming back with all these amazing stories! Success stories, fantastic results, a feeling of wellness, additional energy, increase in vitality, a dramatic change in their health, real physical results. This has encouraged me to grow the business further whilst still manufacturing the products myself using hand-crafted techniques (those cosmetic chemistry classes were certainly not wasted). I believe it is important to maintain a physical connection with your product. Ormus is a very interesting substance to work with. There is a unique alchemical property to it. It almost has a mind of its own.

I still have, adore and care for my dogs who even enjoy marine minerals sprinkled on their meals a few times a week!  And the cows…they used to line up, jostling each other to get a drink of Ormus added water.

Anyway, it’s back to the ORMUS-production room for me, to create some more ‘goodies’ for wellness and radiant health. I hope that you will enjoy ORMUS for yourself. I encourage you to try these amazing minerals and see and feel the increase in vital health and energy in your own life.

Yours in health,

Natalie Cowling.