About Us

SeaVitalise with Super Sea Minerals is a natural cosmetic range of health products that promotes energy and vitality through ORMUS products harvested from the ocean off NSW, Australia and handcrafted with love and care in the Byron Bay-Tweed Valley region.

My name is Alina Valiant and I was a customer of Super Sea Minerals before I took on the company from the original owner who is the daughter of one of our friends.

Alina Valiant, Owner, Super Sea Minerals

My own journey towards a healthy lifestyle began when I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS and had put on 20kg due to hormonal imbalance. I have overcome this disease through eating and living healthy, becoming vegetarian and through a fitness regimen. Along this journey, I came across Super Sea Minerals and loved it so much that I wanted to take it to the next level and that is where we are today. 

The people who use these products keep coming back with all these amazing stories! Success stories, fantastic results, a feeling of wellness, additional energy, increase in vitality, a dramatic change in their health, real physical results. This has encouraged me to grow the business further whilst still manufacturing the products myself using hand-crafted techniques. I believe it is important to maintain a physical connection with your product. Ormus is a very interesting substance to work with.

I hope that you will enjoy ORMUS for yourself. I encourage you to try these amazing minerals and see and feel the increase in vital health and energy in your own life.

Light and Peace

Alina Valiant