Alkaline ORMUS Liquid Minerals.


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Our ORMUS Alkaline Liquid Minerals come directly from the sea to you! The ocean water is collected by us from the pristine waters of a select part of the north coast of New South Wales, Australia. Here the waters flow in a fresh current with minimal interference by humans. It is filtered, concentrated and washed, then left to settle for four months. We reduce the sodium content of the water and by changing the alkalinity of the water, allow the minerals (ORMEs) to ‘drop out’ and become visible. There are high levels of naturally occurring beneficial magnesium in ocean water too. NOTE: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO SHAKE THE BOTTLE WELL BEFORE USING as the minerals settle down. There are no additives, colour or preservatives mixed with the minerals. Minerals do not perish or spoil. They are highly alkaline. Shelf life is recommended at 18 months – 2 years as the minerals may settle and harden over time. Monoatomic minerals appear white naturally and some minerals have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They are non-toxic, non-metallic and chemically non-reactive in this form. The taste? Very slightly salty and slightly chalky. Keep stored away from electrical appliances. Torsion Field Rings can be purchased ($17.00) to be sure that your minerals are protected from electromagnetic fields. A 500mL bottle will last 100 days at 5mLs per day. It is NOT recommended that you exceed this dose. Also used in Bath water as the minerals have a dermal effect. By law in Australia: it is recommended for Cosmetic Use only. See FAQ section for more info.

Ingredients: Monoatomic Marine Minerals.

Directions: Also used in bath water: 1 teaspoon. Remember to SHAKE the bottle EACH time !! By law it is recommended for Cosmetic use only.

Our customers have found this liquid to be incredibly energising. They report increased feelings of ….  (by law in Australia this is recommended for Cosmetic use only, however in other countries most people drink 2 - 5ml daily in a glass of water. You can click here though to read tons of testimonials on how our products have changed peoples' lives).