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Wild yam ORMUS cream 18+ with Vitex Agnus Castus is a powerful cream combining ORMUS marine minerals with extracts and aromas traditionally believed to have a soothing power for feminine issues. Recommended for use one week after periods start through to the end of the cycle, apply to soft tissue areas morning and evening. The small molecules of the Macadamia Seed oil allow the ORMUS minerals and extracts of Wild Yam, Vitex Agnus Castus, Evening Primrose and Ginseng to more easilypenetrate deep into the skin. 

The unique aroma in wild yam ORMUS cream 18+ comes from a proprietary combination of Basil, Clary Sage and Jasmine Absolute essential oils. These scents can have a calming effect and are held to have many other properties. We cannot make claims for our products beyond their skin care benefits according to burdensome Australian regulations, so we recommend doing your own research on these ingredients and what others claim for them. 

Ingredients: Concentrated monoatomic marine minerals, macadamia seed oil, palm-free glyceryl stearate (safe emulsifier), cetostearyl alcohol (emulsifying wax), dimethicone (silica skin protectant), vitamin E, allantoin (comfrey extract), aloe vera leaf extract, citric acid (derived from citrus fruit), micronized zeolite (volcanic minerals), wild yam extract, vitex agnus castus extract, ginseng extract, evening primrose oil, basil essential oil, clary sage essential oil and jasmine absolute essential oil. 

Directions: Clean the skin. Apply smoothly to breasts, underarms, lower abdomen, wrists and/or thighs. May have a soothing effect on PMS or menopausal symptoms. Suitable for use from one week after periods begin through to the end of your cycle. Take a break of at least five days each month. CAUTION: DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT! If under the age of 18, please use the product SeaVitalise wild yam ORMUS cream for teens instead.



What is the differences between our Wild Yam Ormus 18+ cream and other similar creams (like Anna’s)?
  • Our formulation uses a Macadamia Oil carrier base, which is an oil with one of the smallest molecular sizes, easily able to penetrate pores. Other creams use a Soya Bean Oil.
  • Our formulation contains cosmetic-grade ORMUS which is high in Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements and minerals such as Magnesium, Silica and trace elements from the ocean.
  • Both creams contain Wild Yam liquid extract and Vitex Agnus Castus (Chaste Berry) liquid extract and Aloe Vera.
  • Our blend includes Allantoin, the active ingredient in Comfrey (absent in Annas)
  • Our blend includes Ginseng extract which has been found in studies to contribute to reduced formation of cysts as well as alleviating the symptoms of menopause (absent in Annas).
  • Our blend includes Evening Primrose Oil containing gamma linolenic acid, an omega-6 essential fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties well known for its benefits during menstruation (absent in Annas).
  • Our blend includes Micronised Zeolite which helps open the pores and increases efficacy of the ingredients (absent in Annas).
  • Our blend includes as part of its fragrance Basil Oil, linked to regulating menstrual cycles, reducing water retention and alleviating nausea and other symptoms (absent in Annas).
  • Our blend includes as part of its fragrance Clary Sage Oil, linked to estrogen balancing and a natural stress relieving aroma (absent in Annas).
  • Our blend includes as part of its fragrance Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil, linked to hormone balancing and a natural stress relieving aroma (absent in Annas)
I (Alina) created our Wild Yam ORMUS cream blends because I suffered for many years with Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I used Annas cream but knew that it could be better. I researched a lot about natural remedies for hormonal imbalances and made this cream putting all of the best together. I also discovered that Vitex Agnus Castus was far too powerful an ingredient to use for teens and so switched it out with licorice root extract for our teens cream. Our Wild Yam ORMUS Creams are multipurpose, moisturising, mineralising and containing the active ingredients associated with hormonal balance, anti-inflammatory agents, stress reduction and more. In short, these creams are made to be powerhouses... to throw everything and the kitchen sink at something that impacts a high percentage of women. I have had dozens and dozens of positive testimonies from the use of these and my own testimony is that through lifestyle change and using products such as the one I created, I went from being told it was going to be very difficult to have children to having two children very easily. We got pregnant the first month we decided to have our first child and the second month when we decided to have our second. When not pregnant and having my cycle, I went from having as widely irregular periods of up to five months without down to regular and much less painful periods every 30 days. 

Are there clinical studies to back up the benefits of the ingredients in SeaVitalise Wild Yam Cream?
Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) - A small study has been conducted that found no conclusive improvements in menopausal symptoms, this only included 23 women, none of whom had any hormonal imbalances. This study is often cited to discredit Wild Yam, but further tests are warranted. Other studies have found promising effects on proliferation in human breast carcinoma cells. 
  • Komesaroff PA, Black CV, Cable V, Sudhir K. Effects of wild yam extract on menopausal symptoms, lipids and sex hormones in healthy menopausal women. Climacteric. 2001;4(2):144-150.
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  • Aumsuwan P, Khan SI, Khan IA, et al. The anticancer potential of steroidal saponin, dioscin, isolated from wild yam (Dioscorea villosa) root extract in invasive human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 in vitro. Arch Biochem Biophys. 2016;591:98-110.
Chaste Berry (Vitex angus castus) - There is a lot of research into the positive effects of Vitex Angus Castus with positive results for menstrual symptoms and female reproductive disorders. 
  • Lucks BC. Vitex agnus castus essential oil and menopausal balance: a research update. International Journal of Aromatherapy. 2003;13(4):169-172.
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Evening Primrose Oil - Evening Primrose has shown positive results in clinical trials for women with PMS and menopausal symptoms, including depression and anxiety scores.  
  • Callender K, McGregor M, Kirk P, Thomas CS. A Double-blind Trial of Evening Primrose Oil in the Premenstrual Syndrome: Nervous Symptom Subgroup. Human Psychopharmacology. 1988;3:57-61.
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Ginseng - Ginseng has been found to have positive impacts through the menopausal process. 
  • Kim SY, Seo SK, Choi YM , Jeon YE, Lim KJ, Cho SH, Choi YS, Lee BS. Effects of red ginseng supplementation on menopausal symptoms and cardiovascular risk factors in postmenopausal women: a double-blind randomized controlled trial. Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society. 2012;19(4):461-466.

Basil Essential Oil - Basil has a wide history of traditional benefit but a recent study has shown positive impacts in reproductive health in mice.

  • A'yuni DQ, Sa'adi A, Widijati W. Ethanol extract of basil (Ocimum Basilicum L.) leaves inhibits endometriosis growth in a mouse model by modulating vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression. Journal of Medicine and Life. 2023;16(8):1224-1230. 

Clary Sage Essential Oil - Aromatherapy trials have shown effectiveness for clary sage essential oil in alleviating painful periods. 

  • Han SH, Hur MH, Buckle J, Choi J, Lee MS. Effect of aromatherapy on symptoms of dysmenorrhea in college students: A randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 2006;12(6):535-541.

Jasmine Essential Oil - Same with Clary Sage, Jasmine essential oil has shown improvement in painful periods in adolescents. 

  • Ulya FH. The Effect of Jasmine Inhalation Aromatherapy on the Intensity of Haid Pain (Dismenorea) in Adolescents. International Journal of Science and Research. 2018;8(7):1223-1225.
Is Citric Acid safe to use in skin care?
Citric Acid has two uses in skincare that can be confusing to people. The use that gets the most criticism is its use as an exfoliant for the skin. In these preparations, citric acid is in very high quantities, often up to around 20% of the formulation. As an exfoliant, citric acid is quite harsh. We do not use citric acid for this purpose. Citric acid is in only a minute quantity within our formulation and serves a very different purpose.

Most skincare products are either oil products or oil-water emulsions. SeaVitalise is unique in that it is oil + water + mineral salts from the ocean (ORMUS). Balancing oil and water is difficult enough, but salt adds another layer of difficulty to achieving a balance. Get the pH wrong and the entire cream can go rancid. The other purpose citric acid can have in skincare is for the balancing of pH, keeping a formulation from being too alkaline. ORMUS in its pure state has a high alkalinity. Citric acid is part of what brings about this balance in our products. This natural derivative is used in a very small quantity. Per litre, there is around 0.3g of citric acid. Per 100g jar, then, there would be only 30 milligrams or 0.03%.

Our skincare products are regularly used by people with excema and other dermatological issues who are unable to use anything else. We have testimony after testimony of this. This means that the citric acid is not present in any form that would exacerbate allergic responses. We would agree that in high quantities it would be harmful and deleterious. In the quantity it is (barely) present in our skincare it is there only to help us achieve the powerful combination of oil, water and salt that makes our skincare so nourishing. We do not use citric acid at all in our sugar-based exfoliating scrub formulation because we do not believe citric acid to be useful for this purpose when other ingredients are so much better and less harmful.

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