SeaAid soothing balm


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SeaAid soothing balm is your first-aid kit in a jar! This blend of concentrated monoatomic minerals, plant oils and anti-microbial and anti-bacterial essential oils makes this a unique concentrated paste fantastic for all those little first-aid emergencies. May assist in the re-generation of new skin cells. SeaAid soothing balm is very popular on sunburn as it soothes the skin after excessive sun exposure and actually stops the skin continuing to burn and damage (even after you leave the sunshine). It is not as thick in texture as the Cellfix topical paste so can cover a larger area of skin surface. It also doesn’t dry into a hard surface so is useful on larger areas of the skin. Apply thinly. Customer reports of successful use on skin rashes, inflamed surfaces and older sensitive skin. A small amount goes a long way!

Ingredients: Concentrated monoatomic marine minerals, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, micronized zeolite, lemon eucalyptus oil, lemon myrtle oil, and peppermint essential oil.

Directions: Apply the smooth paste thinly onto desired area allowing the white minerals to dry. Reapply as needed. Apply as a first-aid cream to fungal infections, scars, itches, sunburn, cuts, scratches, bites, and stings.