mineral face scrub


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A unique foaming mineral face scrub which contains fresh crushed lemon myrtle leaves, jojoba beads and Australian pink clay. Complimented by magnesium salts, sugar and fruit acid to lift off cellular debris. Apart from the beautiful natural ingredients, the lovely thing about this mineral face scrub is that the jojoba beads roll over the skin effectively polishing and exfoliating but not scratching in an abrasive way. The skin feels healthy, soft and nourished afterwards not dry and stripped. Massage in a circular motion (add a little water onto hands if needed) until the sugar crystals dissolve the oil and dirt from the face. It is moist not drying. No artificial colour has been added - a touch of pink clay gives it a warm hue. Along with the a.m face cream (aka Skin Feast) and p.m face cream (aka Mineral Intensive) moisturisers, this face scrub has become my next personal favourite product. I don’t make things unless I use them too!!

Ingredients: Macadamia seed oil, concentrated monoatomic marine minerals, aloe vera gel, sucrose (fruit), witch hazel herbal extract, lime essential oil, lemon myrtle oil, lemon myrtle leaf powder (real!, organically grown), chamomile essential oil, Australian pink clay, jojoba beads.