Deluxe Grapefruit and Ginger Body Cream 250g


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Deluxe grapefruit and ginger body cream has been created as a complement to our incredibly popular am face cream (aka Skin Feast) and pm face cream (aka Mineral Intensive) to restore dry and ageing skin and to assist in repairing long-term sun damage. This super smooth body moisturiser shares many of the same ingredients as our face creams with the healing factors of double strength Monoatomic Marine Minerals and the double strength Australian micronized Zeolite (ancient volcanic ash). Zeolite is hydrophilic – it loves moisture and draws it towards itself. Great news for dehydrated skin. Monoatomic Minerals may assist in the renewal and regeneration of skin cells.

Deluxe grapefruit and ginger body cream may be used as an aid to sunburn and older skins i.e. over 25 years! This luscious nutrient-rich treat for the skin makes an excellent all-over body cream for any time of day or night. Tone can be improved by increasing the balance between oily/dry extremes. Macadamia seed oil has a very small molecular structure – small enough to actually penetrate the skin. Not many skin creams actually sink in! It’s important to get beyond the outside dead epidermal skin layers.

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Ingredients: Macadamia seed oil, double strength concentrated monoatomic marine minerals, double strength micronized Australian zeolite (volcanic minerals), glyceryl stearate (safe emulsifier), cetostearyl alcohol (emulsifying wax),dimethicone (skin protectant),vitamin E, allantoin (comfrey extract), aloe vera leaf extract, citric acid (derived from citrus fruit), rosemary antioxidant, grapefruit essential oil, ginger essential oil.

Directions: Add a generous amount of deluxe body cream to your palm and gently message it into your clean dry skin twice daily or as needed. For best results use regularly. Allow absorption before dressing.
!Remember to dry your hands if you are putting them in the cream.