charcoal and clay face mask


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Our new Charcoal and Clay Face Mask combines the rejuvenating energy of concentrated ORMUS cream with powerful pore opening ingredients such as charcoal and zeolite to ensure deep penetration of minerals that leaves you with a soft, smooth shine. Relax while you pamper yourself to the aromatic scent of lotus essential oil. This premium formulation is like a spa in a jar. 

For best results use together with SeaVitalise mineral face scrub.

Ingredients: Concentrated monoatomic marine minerals, charcoal, Australian sea clay, zeolite, glycerine, aloe vera, pink lotus essential oil.

Directions: Clean and dry the skin. Apply thin layer of clay mask on face. Leave to dry for 20-30 minutes. Wash the face with water and dry. Immediately apply our P.M. Face Cream to seal all the minerals. For best results use our Mineral Face Scrub prior to applying Face Mask.