Cellfix topical paste


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Cellfix topical paste is the concentrated monoatomic mineral white paste for which we get the most return orders. When the paste is left to dry on the skin it takes energy from the sunlight (photons) and produces electrons that create very small flashes of light, like microscopic sparks. The tiny hairs on the human body act like mini-antanae that direct the light energy down into the body, where it can do its work.

Ingredients: Concentrated monoatomic marine minerals, micronized zeolite, 100 % organic tamanu oil, 100% organic lime essential oil.

Directions: Apply a small amount of paste, rub in. Then apply a thick blob as a second layer, leave uncovered in the sunlight briefly while paste dries, and cover for protection if needed. Minerals will set white. Apply 2 times daily. A cycle of scabs may form - allow scabs to fall off. Cellfix topical paste is the product that older people order for skin exposed to many years of sun. I am unable by law to make therapeutic claims.