Wild Yam ORMUS cream for teens to reduce menstrual discomfort

Posted by Alina Valiant on

When I was 23 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I finally had a name to give to the evil that had plagued my body for years. About 80% of women feel pain during their menstrual cycle at some point in their lives, but I was one of the lucky up to 10% for whom the pain can be debilitating. I would have to take days off of university and then work when this dreaded time hit me (which was always a surprise because my cycle was never regular).

This diagnosis sent me on a period of study and trial-and-error to determine what could help me. I tried going on "the pill", but with the side-effects that came with it, I quickly wondered if the cure was worse than the disease! Moving towards a plant-based diet and increasing my energy output slowly (excruciatingly slowly) helped me lose the weight that comes all too easily with PCOS and leaves far too reluctantly.
The speediest progress came when I learned about ancient remedies that have been used in various traditions to ease menstrual discomfort (and menopausal symptoms). Throughout the flora of the world are provided wonderful plants that have been traditionally used for women's issues such as mine and are now thought by many to balance hormones, reduce stress, etc. These remedies include Vitex Agnus Castus (Chaste Berry), Wild Yam oil, Evening Primrose oil, Ginseng Root extract. The problem was, there wasn't a product that included all of these ingredients. I had to put creams on my body, pills in my mouth. I felt like a walking apothecary! That's why I was determined to make my own product that put everything in one jar.

SeaVitalise Wild Yam ORMUS Cream for Teens takes these powerful ingredients and combines them with a powerful macadamia-based carrier cream that helps them be easily used by the largest organ of the body - the skin. Combined with these are unique combinations of stress-reducing essential oil fragrances that give an earthy-floral aroma that is easy to fall in love with.