Black Friday-Cyber Monday SALE! Don't miss out.

Posted by Alina Valiant on

Hi ORMUS Fans! When I took on this challenge early this year I had no idea how amazing this would be. I've gotten to know many of you through your beautiful messages and amazing testimonies you've sent through. Your encouragement has been a real treasure. I've really grown over the last 9 months and so has SeaVitalise!

I've got a lot of things in the pipeline, but the most immediate is the roll out of our freshly designed labels! Some of the feedback from some of you marketing savvy customers was that the labels needed to be a bit more obvious from a first glance what they were for. So we've put a lot of work into a fresh new look for these labels. With these labels will come some simpler names for some of our products.

Above you will see the new design for our most popular cream - "Mineral Intensive". It is now called "p.m. face cream". All new orders of Mineral Intensive will begin to come with this new label as we were mindful to use up the old labels so as not to waste them. In the next few months we will begin unveiling more new labels for your favourite products! Be on the look out for more news like this.

We have also restocked all our products that ran out while we were overseas. To celebrate the new steps we are offering a 25% sale that will run through the rest of November, including during Thanksgiving/Black Friday. Make sure to stock up and get a head start on early Christmas shopping!

Until next time,
                Light and Peace,
                                Alina Valiant