Mineral Deficiency could be making you sick.

Posted by Natalie Cowling on

Dr Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize winner, said something quite amazing. Here it is: “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” Just read that again. Now, why would you put up with sickness, disease and ailments when these minerals are now available to you? And inexpensively. You can take responsibility for beginning to set your body on the direction towards excellent health for 48 cents a day. It’s a no-brainer. Well actually, without these minerals your brain is foggy and literally feels like a no-brainer.

I get asked quite often, “How am I supposed to reverse this mineral deficiency?” There are a few things you could do. You could eat more fruit and vegetables, but plants only take up the minerals that are actually in the soil that they grow in. Our huge Australian continent is so ancient and its soils are dreadfully depleted anyhow. So, even if you are eating organic vegetables, how do you know that they are grown in soils that aren’t depleted in the first place? Over millions of years the rich mineral deposits within our soils have leached out in heavy rains, floods and over time till they eventually reach our oceans. Giant sea kelps are full of rich minerals and they are not even attached to the ocean floor. They grow as they float, sustained on a rich diet of minerals that now call the ocean their home.

ORMUS minerals are a group of vital-to-human-existence elements that are plentiful within our oceans. There are more minerals in our oceans than there are in our soils. However minerals need to be balanced so they have a synergistic effect on all our physiological functions. An imbalance could cause a new set of health problems.

Minerals orchestrate the delicate biochemistry of our bodies. And here’s the thing, the more stress people experience, the more minerals they use and this is another reason a depletion occurs. How stressed are you? This delicate balance of minerals activates, produces and supports every process in the body. Nourished body = happy cells = no brain fog!

ORMUS minerals are in a unique non-metallic bio-available form. All carefully collected from the Australian Mid-North Coast Ocean. Our body cells that are fortified with all the minerals they need will communicate with each other and you will start to feel really alive.

Just this week, here are a few of my customer comments:

“I have only just discovered your minerals – I am feeling great already. Thankyou.” Lyn, VIC
“I put a few drops of ORMUS Alkaline Mineral Drink onto my dogs biscuits in his bowl …. if I feel good, I want my dog to too.” Cathy, NSW
“I need more Sea-Cellfix jars for my some of my friends. My sun spots on my hands seem to be clearing up and I want to share it around.” John, NSW.

Back to the packing now for me – I am carefully wrapping some bottles in foil (to help protect from Electro-Magnetic Fields) and bubble wrap (to protect from breakage) and sending off to Ellenbrook WA, Toorak VIC and Nambour QLD.

GOOD health to YOU !

Natalie x