Stacking the Odds in my Favour.

Posted by Natalie Cowling on

Every minute of the day I am faced with a choice. And one of these choices is to ‘Stack the odds in my favour’ wherever possible. What I mean by this is that I choose to take every opportunity to, wherever possible, ADD to my life. If  I make HEALTH a priority in my life, then wellness will become what I focus on from the moment I open my eyes in the morning till the last thing at night before I sleep. Because, lets face it, without my health, everything else in life is a struggle.

To ‘Stack the odds in my favour’ wherever possible, is to realise that I am either saying a big YES TO LIFE or I’m saying NO TO LIFE. It really is a conscious choice. I am only one thought away, one decision away from feeling fantastic and building on that buzz. The way I thinking right now can be instantly changed. I can think “That’s not the outcome I want for my life – I choose to be well, I choose to look at HEALTH as my number one priority.” Then all decisions from that moment on are very clear and easy.

I ask myself questions like – Is this meal I am choosing to eat going to ADD to HEALTH as my number one priority? Is this ACTUAL food? What am I consuming? What sort of cells do I want to create in my body? How do I want to feel today, tomorrow, the next day? How am I going to achieve this?

Wherever it is possible to ‘Stack the odds in my favour ‘- I DO IT.

I like to choose exactly what I put into my body, realising that whatever I feed my cells is EXACTLY what I will become. If on my plate is a ‘food-like’ substance, that was made in a lab, that was never ever alive and is void of any nutrients that the body will recognise, is it any wonder there is so much disease hurting people’s lives. My body only recognises REAL FOOD. That is, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables! We are not machines! Dead food, fake food, plastic food will only kill me slowly.

Making HEALTH my number one priority then makes all my decisions easy…

I try to make that little extra effort. Instead of just drinking a glass of water – I bless it first. I consciously think about how wonderful it is to be able to drink this fresh, clean, water in my glass. I bless it with joy, health and possibility. Then drink it. I allow that water to seep deeply into my cells. Nourish me. Serve me well. I do the same thing with my Ormus Alkaline Liquid Minerals each day. I nourish my body with the minerals it needs and I do it with conscious awareness. Ultimately this is the sort of life I want to have – a blessed life where I can live into my potential. A life where I am thinking clearly, feeling energetic and making good, grounded choices. When I slip up occasionally, and I make a less than healthy food choice, I am aware I am doing it. Sometimes these are great opportunities to look into my soul a little deeper – look into any emotional eating that may be going on.

Why don’t you give it a go too…..’Stack the Odds in Your Favour’.

Think ….ORMUS minerals; Green leafy vegetables; Blessed Water, Raw blended juices and always making HEALTH your No. 1 Priority.