Is More really Better??

Posted by Natalie Cowling on


I often get asked “How much ORMUS Alkaline Liquid Minerals should I be taking, surely if I take more I will get faster results.”

It seems that some people feel that:
More is Better.
Purer is Better.
Stronger is Better.

These things may be true in some cases but, ‘You are unique just like everyone else.’

What is best for you will not be the same for everyone else. Each of us has different nutritional needs and these needs change over time. What is best for you right now probably will not be what is best for you next year.
More isn’t always better!

One of the most toxic minerals, arsenic, has recently been found to be an essential mineral nutrient at very low levels. (Don’t worry, they are no traces of Arsenic in the Super Sea Minerals ORMUS liquid.) Magnesium, which is an essential mineral, also has a level at which it is toxic.

Purer isn’t always better!

The nutrient or toxin status of some elements also seems to be related to their ratio in combination with other elements. For example, sodium is a toxic metal and chloride is a toxic gas yet when they are combined you get salt, which is an essential nutrient. Pure Vitamin C can cause you to bruise easily if you don’t get enough bioflavanoids with it. It is widely thought that all of the ORMUS elements work better in balance with other ORMUS elements and other non-ORMUS nutrients. This is why seawater, with it’s nature-given combination of minerals all in a synergistic balance is a great and ideal source material in which to harvest the ORMUS materials from. Natural Wholistic Balance. Not too much or too little of anything (except Sodium Chloride which is drastically reduced through a series of washes.)

Stronger isn’t always better.

When using an ORMUS product it is not always beneficial to use the most powerful available. Part of the healing process involves something called the “healing crisis”. This is sometimes an unpleasant condition when many of the symptoms of a past illness will re-manifest for a short period of time. The body will cleanse/detox itself in a unique time that suits the unique person that you are.

From my experience with many customers using ORMUS Alkaline Liquid Minerals for their health, a teaspoon per day (in bathwater! - In Australia, I am legally not allowed to make therapeutic claims and must recommend Cosmetic use only) is a good average. You really need to tune-in and listen to your own unique body and unique circumstances. Part of the beauty of the ORMUS experience is the personal experience that you can have with it. That experience can include a morning ritual taken with ‘awareness’. Remember human beings are over 70% water, so be aware of your thought energy frequencies as you experience your morning ritual. Your cells are listening! Another lovely way to experience ORMUS is through the skin (dermal). Self care through skincare (your largest organ covering your body) is important for optimal health. That is why ALL my products are made containing concentrated amounts of powerful ORMUS minerals. Remember, skin eats!