Zeolite: the moisture-loving mineral.

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Diagram showing (red) toxins being trapped (chelated) in Zeolite’s amazing lattice structure.

I use a wonderful little-known ingredient in quite a few of my Super Sea Mineral products: Skin-Feast (aka a.m face cream), Mineral Intensive(aka p.m face cream), Acne-Rehab (aka for acne and dry skin), Sea-Cellfix (akac ellfix topical paste) and Sea-Aid (aka SeaAid soothing balm). I often have people asking me more about it so here it is!

Naturally occuring Australian Zeolite is a crystalline mineral that has been formed from volcanic ash more than 300 million years ago. During this time there were many violent volcanic eruptions which ejected millions of tonnes of ash into the air which feel on both land (to form topsoil) and into the water where most was dissipated. However in the right conditions, in a few locations, like Castle Mountain near Tamworth NSW, the famous volcanic ‘black soil plains’ were formed and natural zeolite deposits appeared.

There are very few deposits in the world of this purity because it comes from an area away from any major city or industrial complex. There are no measurable airborne or water pollutants to contaminate it. It has virtually no other foreign materials (such as clays, gypsum or quartz) within it. This is why the Australian Zeolite is recognised as one of the worlds purest and therefore one of the most effective.

Clinoptilolite is a type of sheet Zeolite which is considered completely safe and non-toxic because its crystals tend to be rounded. It is uniquely micronized into extremely small (0.8 microns) size, increasing its surface area in application.

Zeolite can best be described as a chelating agent. Chelation means a substance (usually negatively charged) that can attract (electrochemically bond with) toxic minerals, metals and other materials within the living body allowing it to dispose of them naturally. It is a natural body cleanser.

Another way of describing Zeolite is as a molecular sieve. Clinoptilolite (Zeolite) strongly binds to heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and nickel. These metals are highly toxic. Zeolite is safe when applied to the skin, when put on open wounds and is non-toxic.

Zeolite has a hydrophilic (water-Loving) retaining nature so it draws towards itself, moisture from the environment. This makes it perfect for skin anti-ageing!! It’s cage-like lattice/crystilline structure binds to heavy metals/toxins ready for removal from the body.

So, think about anti-ageing applications for the skin. Broad surface area (good coverage); draws moisture towards itself (think dry wrinkly skin!?); binds to ‘bad’ toxins (health implications); pure and naturally formed (No nasties!). Can you see why I like to add it to so many of my products?


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