Super Sea Minerals launches new website

Posted by Natalie Cowling on

Well here we have it – finally the new website! Thanks to the guys at Mullum Mac at Mullumbimby NSW for their amazing help and patience with me! (In the photo is Obi designing the new labels.) This website will be a wonderful way to keep in touch with everyone and to provide extra information that I just couldn’t fit on the tiny tiny product labels. The science behind Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Minerals is cutting edge and so new things are being researched everyday. As new info comes to the fore I would love to add to the website. The physicist, Peter Rays, who is working with us and is very interested himself in Ormes, is always mentioning new pearls of wisdom. Here is where you’ll read it! Thank you for visiting – be sure to look at some of the new products, new labels and new packaging in The Web Shop.