Q & A: “Hello, … I have a quick question?”

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The phone rings or txt beeps or email alerts (or carrier-pigeon lands!) – “Oh, hello … is this Super Sea Minerals?, I have a quick question:”

    Real people ask real questions:

Question: “I have some marks on my skin (face and hands), how do I use the Sea-Cellfix concentrate paste?”

Answer: If you feel at all worried about the ‘marks’ on your skin it may be good to just check with a doctor first (I can’t diagnose this for you). However, hundreds of people have used this product and with great success. Rub some paste on and into the skin spot and then place another thicker dab on and leave it there. If you use it at night, no one will see you and you can dab it on spots all over your hands and face. It will dry out and eventually flake off. It won’t stain your pillow covers. However, if you are at home and can leave it on during the day it is very effective if you allow natural sunlight to ‘activate’ it for just 10 minutes on application. The ORMUS minerals attract photons from the sunlight which aid in the healing process. Apply every day, be consistent, results will happen. You will be amazed.

Question: “How do I take the Ormus Alkaline Liquid Minerals and what will I feel?”

Answer: In Australia, I am, by law, unable to make therapeutic claims. So, I recommend that the minerals are for Cosmetic use only. A teaspoon daily can be used in bath water. You can either use it in the morning or in the evening. You have to experiment with your own routines. Everyone feels something unique to them. But most commonly they feel:

* Awake and energised. Jump out of bed in the morning, go all day (no 3pm slump), collapse into bed at night after an energy packed day!

* Less hungry (if overweight already) or increased appetite (if currently underweight). The body, when adequately remineralised will head towards Balance. Like I always say too, it’s a holistic thing. It’s so important to eat real alive food that contains real nutrients that truly nourish your body and soul. If it grew in the soil – eat it!

* Some people experience an increased feeling of connectedness, that is, they notice their surroundings to a greater detail. Walks in a park become intense nature-study.

* Some people experience a short period of bowel cleanse (better out than in!) If this is too much, just reduce your daily dose slightly. This could indicate too much magnesium. In Australia I am unable to make therapeutic claims. In America, people report a daily teaspoon in water.

* Some people combine their Ormus Mineral dose into a spiritual routine. They will practice meditation, mindfulness, yoga or ‘giving thanks for abundance’ practice. Some people tell me of beautiful little alters or special sacred cups for the Ormus dose. You are a unique being. Get creative! One of my early teachers put it like this: "Ormus is the first manifested state of consciousness in matter and the body heals itself. Yes even fungus."

Question: “How do I use the ‘Mineral Skin-Feast'(Lavender/Lime) and
‘Mineral Intensive'(Frankincense/Australian Sandalwood) Moisturisers?”

Answer: Both the moisturisers are incredibly nourishing to the skin. They are packed with ingredients to assist with skin renewal. Use as a daily face moisturiser (under makeup) and again at night after cleansing. The macadamia oil molecules are small enough to actually penetrate the skin (not just sit on the surface like a barrier cream). Skin eats! Feed it with good skin food. Some people use these moisturisers as a hydration ‘break’ for a day between their Sea-Cellfix application. This keeps the skin from drying out. All the various products contain powerful Ormus sea minerals that are absorbed into the dermal layer of the skin. Concentrated paste (a powerful ingredient in every jar) is made from 1000’s of litres of filtered east coast Australian ocean water. Then, the Ormus making process begins – this takes months of careful creative stages. Each jar is hand crafted (by me!) and is packed full of ‘potential’ – yay!