Every action has a reaction...

Posted by Natalie Cowling on

Today I want to share something very important. This is so important that it keeps me awake at night….

I am NOT going to share with you: '5 tips to healthy skin', or '10 ways to find wellness in your life', or how to Be, Do or Feel anything at all.

There is no quick fix. There is no easy answer. There is no magic bullet. And I am tired of reading articles that say there is …...

I get questions from all sorts of people asking for Hints and Tips. Hints and tips will not get you what you want. You need to think, learn, and most importantly make the effort for yourself. And there is one more vitally important thing. You need to do 'without'. There is always a reaction. If you eat this.... you will feel that. There is no hiding. There is no escape. Your body will respond to your lifestyle … eventually. How much do you want the thing? What are you prepared to give up?

I have not mastered this by the way. I am regularly monitoring myself and asking what I want, where am I going, how much do I want whatever. This Super Sea Minerals Biz often requires me to juggle too much and its tempting to take health short-cuts. And sometimes I do crash. I lose myself for a few days and it's a struggle to climb out again. So, I am human too.

I am concerned when people ask me what they can use to fix this or that, fast. I want to ask them a whole host of questions to help them. I am naturally a helper. But I know they aren't really listening, they don't really want to know, and only want to continue their own life 'styles'. How do I know this? They do not make the long term consistent effort that is required. Then they wonder:

  • why their bodies are inflamed.
  • why they are dehydrated.
  • why they feel bloated and constipated.

So….I say nothing, or maybe give them the 5 quick tips that they are so desperately wanting.

Health, wellness, feeling good…. takes effort. Long time effort. Change requires an ability to sit with being uncomfortable for a time. Maybe even a personal temporary suffering. How can you possibly move towards that next level of health, consciousness or knowledge, while jumping into sense gratification in an instant.

  • I'm hungry - have an ice-cream.
  • I'm lonely - go to a party.
  • I'm empty - take some drugs.

Ok, your body your choice, but don't expect to dodge the consequences. There is always a consequence. Again I ask, 'how much do you want the thing?' 

Many people tell me that they get much needed healing results from using the Sea-Aid and Sea-Cellfix concentrates. They tell me that their skin is more elastic and shows signs of less pigmentation after using the Skin-Feast and the Mineral Intensive Moisturizers. They tell me that they love the Face Polish and use it everyday. That the Acne-Rehab cream is great for their breakout skin. . . . And the Ormus Alkaline Liquid Minerals are used daily by whole families who tell me they feel energised, alert and balanced. This is great news. These are great positive results.

BUT…… the best, most profound, long lasting results come from the people who make healthy life changes in other areas of their lives too. As the blog pic says, 'Get Inspired'.