ORMUS Agricultural 4.7L


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Agricultural Ormus, is a white, viscous fluid that is mildly alkaline and non-
toxic. The main elements in it are magnesium and calcium. There are many others, trace elements,
present in minute quantities. It is believed that others again are present in Ormus form (orbitally re-
arrranged monoatomic elements). It has been found to be an unusually effective fertilizer.
It can be used as a drench at planting and transplanting, and as a regular foliar spray.
It is safe with beneficial soil organisms and insects.
It promotes root development, photosynthesis and resistance to cold weather.
It helps control fungal diseases by increasing the plant’s resistance, increasing soil pH, and via the
bioaction of certain metal elements contained it.
It is safe to handle; protective clothing or gloves are not needed.
It can be used along with other fertilizers e.g. seaweed extracts, and most horticultural sprays.
It is a mineral bio-fertilizer not a nitrogen, chemical, synthetic or animal based fertilizer.
It does not require a withholding period before harvesting.

Shake well before use.

Directons of use:

Mix 20ml of Agricultural ORMUS with 1lt of water to water the plants