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Wellness Sample Pack

Wellness Sample Pack

  • $3800

Contain 3 x 20ml & 1 x 60ml sample/travel sized jars:

1 x Ormus Alkaline Liquid Minerals - 60ml

1 x Sea-Cellfix

1 x Sea-Aid

1 x Mineral Intensive

The Wellness Sample Pack is an opportunity to sample four Super Sea Mineral products in a handy 20ml/60ml size sample/travel jar. These solid reusable little jars are perfect as GIFTS FOR FRIENDS or SAMPLES just to try or as a handy reusable TRAVEL size. Many of my customers said they were transferring from the larger sized jars into smaller jars to share with their friends. This 20ml sample jar solves this problem. It comes in a lovely white ORGANZA draw-string bag that keeps your samples all together and tidy. All these products contain powerful concentrations of ORMUS monoatomic sea minerals. This dermal application is an important and effective way to add ORMUS to your body. The effects are felt! (Detailed descriptions of each product can be found under the regular size listing.)

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